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2017 Photo Contest

Below are the entries for our 2017 Photo Contest. Once you have taken in the beauty of each photo, visit the bottom of the page to vote for your five favorites. Once you've checked the box for each of your chosen five hit done to cast your vote. 

Voting for the top five photos ends July 28. Come back after Aug. 1 to help your three favorites win!

You can vote through our website or by visiting our office. You will also have the opportunity to vote using a ballot in our September Power Lines newsletter. CEC will announce the winners in late October.

If you have any questions about the contest, please email Renee Tritten at or call 800-521-0570 x2151.


#1 A Patriotic Good Morning

A Patriotic Good Morning


#2 Allegheny River Atop Lighthouse

Allegheny River


#3 An Eagle's Dinner



#4 Azalea Blossom

azalea blossom


#5 Beautiful Skies in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh river view


#6 Beginning Together

a newly engaged couple


#7 Bridge Over the Clarion River

bridge over the clarion river


#8 Calm Before the Storm

storm clouds rolling in


#9 Concords Countryside

a country road at night


#10 Cooking Class

a woman demonstrating old cooking styles


#11 Country Sunset

a country sunset


#12 Daybreak at Squirrel Hill



#13 Easter Morning

a cross in the sky


#14 Farm Morning Sky

red sky


#15 Farming Under the Magnificent Sky

a farm field


#16 Fire in the Sky



#17 Living Treasures

a girraffe


#18 God's Love

a heart wreath


#19 God's Promise of a New Day



#20 Harvest Valley CSA



#21 Hummingbird Freeze Frame



#22 Missy with a Fire on the Water

a dog next to a fire and the river


#23 Mom Speaks Her Mind

two bald eagles


#24 Momma Doe Feeding Her Twins

doe feeding two babies


#25 My Back Door Visitor

blue bird


#26 Nature's Beauty



#27 Provider

goose with babies


#28 Puppy Cara

a chocolate lab puppy


#29 Rolling Clouds

a storm rolling in


#30 Smokey Feeling Good

a colt playing


#31 Snow Capped Mountains in Clarion County

snow capped mountains


#32 Snow Waves

blown snow


#33 Summer on the Farm

a farming field in summer


#34 The Lone Shoreline Hunter

a heron


#35 Tired Wheel

an old wheel in the woods


#36 Turkey Visitor

a puffed out turkey


#37 Wondrous Clouds




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