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Generlink Transfer Switch

Photo of Generlink Transfer SwitchWith a Generlink Transfer Switch, you can now operate your emergency generator safely, protecting linemen from dangerous back feeds. The cooperative installs the transfer switch neatly into your meter socket. Generlink provides a pathway for power to flow from the generator to a home’s breaker panel. Generlink eliminates involving an electrician, cutting into your homes electrical system and electrical inspector fees. Our Generlink provides a:

  • three-prong, snap-locking connector.
  • 20 foot cable to connect your generator to the meter socket transfer switch.
  • yellow indicator light that alerts you when your house’s electrical load is approaching the generator’s capacity.
  • green indicator light signals that the utility has restored power so the generator can be powered down.


Sizing Your Generator


NOTE: generators that are equipped with  ground-fault interrupted circuit (GFIC) protection will NOT work with the GENERLINK. Please check your generator information manual prior to purchasing a GENERLINK to avoid this problem. Click here to see if your generator is compatible with Generlink.


We also offer GENERLINK with built-in surge protection for hard-wired appliances not protected by power strips. If interested, please inquire when calling.


Call Central Electric Cooperative today at 1-800-521-0570 x2133 for more information. If you are interested in purchasing a generator click here for more information.



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