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Ken's E-Tip: Getting the Temperature Just Right

Everyone's schedules seem hectic these days. Remembering to lower or raise the thermostat is just one more job we don't need. Why not install a programmable or even a smart thermostat to change your home's temperature so you don't have to. This can reduce energy bills by up to 10 percent or about $180 on heating and cooling bills.


Thermostats With Remote Access  

These models allow you to control your thermostat from a remote location via your computer, or iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone. Many employ multiple sensors to monitor temperatures in various parts of the home, and can even detect and adjust temps if a room is occupied. Through manufacturer apps, some can collate data on your energy usage to help customize your heating and cooling schedule.

Beware that these models are more expensive and not every remote access thermostat works with a home's existing HVAC system.


Thermostats Without Remote Access    

These models require you to set the temperature manually, as well as setting the heating or cooling cycle of your HVAC unit. Most are programmable and feature a digital interface with the option to schedule/ automatically adjust your home's temperature based on time. Most models allow for multiple temperature points you can set by day of the week.


Thermostat Features

  • Adjustable cycles - prevents frequent on/off cycling for heating and cooling systems, while advanced recovery initiates heating and cooling anytime during the energy-savings period so the recovery temperature is where you want it when you come home. 
  • Auto Changeover Switch - Models with an auto changeover automatically switch between heating and cooling-handy where days are warm and nights are much cooler.
  • Clear Screen Prompts and Intuitive Controls - Intuitive controls help you avoid energy-wasting mistakes, as do large readouts for temperatures and times. A bold "hold" prompt reminds you when you're overriding the energy-saving mode in favor of added comfort.
  • Filter-Change Reminder - This convenient feature tells you when the furnace or AC filter needs changing based on elapsed time.
  • Full Memory Save - A full memory save lets the thermostat save the programs you created in case of a power outage.



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Earn $50 Bill Credit

Let CEC install a load control device on your own electric water heater and earn a $50 one-time bill credit and a monthly $2.50 bill credit. Call 800-521-0570 x2195 to learn more. Members having a water heater installed by the cooperative are not eligible for the credits.


Twitter and Load Control  

Participants in our load control program for electric heat and water heaters can find out when and how long control periods are predicted by logging onto and clicking our Twitter logo. Please remember these are only predictions and actual times may vary.

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