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Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Generator Safety

We sure have had our share of storms this season. With them comes power outages. Many members own and operate portable generators and safety is one of Central Electric Cooperative's major concerns in everything we do. Here are a few safety ideas to consider before using a portable emergency generator:



  • Store your generator in a clean, dry place that's easy to get to. Tripping over junk in the dark is not a good way to start during a power outage.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to both the unit's fuel tank and extra fuel can.
  • Run your generator once a month for a few minutes with a connected load. If your unit has an electric start feature, and you do not run the unit often, make sure to charge the battery from time to time.
  • Check cords that are plugged into the generator for frayed or damage wires.
  • Use a transfer switch when connecting a generator to your home's electrical panel. Dangerous back feed can seriously injure or kill our linemen if a transfer switch is not used. Consider Central Electric Cooperative's Generlink meter socket transfer switch. Installation is fast and easy.
  • Always have a fully-charged fire extinguisher near the generator.
  • Keep children away from portable electric at all times.   



  • Run the generator in an attached garage or basement. Carbon monoxide poisoning is undetectable and fatal.
  • Use frayed or defective extension cords.
  • Run the generator in the rain or snow. If possible, keep it in a well-ventilated, dry area.
  • Add gasoline to a generator that is running. Always power down generator to cool before refueling.
  • Don't store gasoline for generators indoors.
  • Overload the generator. The total wattage used by connected appliances should be less than the output rating of the generator. Overloading the generator could also cause a fire in the power cord. If in doubt, don't add extra load to the generator.

Central Electric Cooperative can help you size your generator by clicking here.


Earn $50 Bill Credit

Let CEC install a load control device on your own electric water heater and earn a $50 one-time bill credit and a monthly $2.50 bill credit. Call 800-521-0570 x2195 to learn more. Members having a water heater installed by the cooperative are not eligible for the credits.


Twitter and Load Control  

Participants in our load control program for electric heat and water heaters can find out when and how long control periods are predicted by logging onto and clicking our Twitter logo. Please remember these are only predictions and actual times may vary.



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80th Annual Meeting

This year, CEC celebrates its 80th anniversary at its annual meeting Aug. 25, 2017. Learn more by visiting

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