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Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Heating System Inspection

Hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day. 

We have lots of summer weather left, but now is the time to have that furnace or heating system inspected before cold weather arrives. The best analogy I can think of is going to the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning; probably not always necessary, but recommended. I've heard some HVAC contractors recommend getting newer furnaces checked every other year, but once they're over 10 years old, have them checked annually.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Portable Generator Safety

Many members own and operate portable generators for infrequent power outages. Safety is one of Central Electric Cooperative's major concerns in everything we do. Here are a few safety ideas to consider before using a portable emergency generator:



Store your generator in a clean, dry place that's easy to get to. Tripping over junk in the dark is not a good way to start during a power outage.

Utility Scam Targets Central Electric Members

PARKER, PA Aug. 31, 2016 - Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) is warning members of a recent phone scam that has targeted its members. CEC is warning members to be aware of recent suspicious phone calls from those claiming to be CEC representatives.

The phone scammers generally call impersonating a co-op employee and will demand immediate payment over the phone via a debit or credit card and threaten disconnection. 

Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Dehumidifier Alternatives

Recent sultry weather has given rise to higher electric bills. Part of energy cost increase has been attributable to dehumidifier use. Here are some other options that may help lessen your electric costs in place of using a dehumidifier.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Ductless HVAC Systems

Ductless HVAC systems are now a preferred option over conventional ducted systems in many parts of our service territory. They have proven to be more efficient and less timely to install. Here are some valid reasons why a ductless split system will help reduce cooling and heating costs.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Back to School Savings

School starts in just a few weeks. Now is a good time to do some teaching yourselves. Show them how to be responsible adults by using energy wisely. Remind them that everything we do uses energy: heating our homes, lighting a room, cooking a meal, using the computer. Each day we all seem to need more energy. That is why energy efficiency is so important. Here are a few ideas for starters:


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Appliance Rebate Program to End

Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC) Appliance Rebate Program will officially end on Aug. 26, 2016 due to funding depletion. Hundreds of members have taken advantage of rebates to become more energy efficient. We are anticipating offering it again in January 2017.


Energy Star Certified      

Rebates are still available for the following Energy Star qualifying appliances:

Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Air Conditioner Comfort Issues

We really have been having our share of hot weather this summer. If your air conditioning system is not providing the comfort you seek, here are some reasons for poor performance:


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: More Summer Savings Tips

We still have a lot of hot summer weather ahead, so there is time to save energy while maintaining comfort. Here are some quick tips:

Home Humidity - Monitor your home's relative humidity in the summer. If it consistently stays in the 60 percent range or higher, ask your HVAC technician about lowering your central air conditioning unit's indoor fan speed. 

Garage Door - Keep your garage door down. A cooler garage in summer will save energy and improve comfort, especially with living areas above it.

Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Power Strips and Energy Savings

Members always ask what they can do to save money on their electric bill without spending a fortune. There are some common sense approaches like shutting off lights when you leave the room, and generally, turning off what you really don't need, especially when you are leaving the house for an extended period of time. These sound so simple, but try them and see the savings add up.


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