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Capital Credits


As a member of CEC, you build ownership in CEC through your payments for electric service. There is no stock to be purchased or sold; you own the business. And when the cooperative earns a margin each year, we allocate it to our members. Capital Credits are a tangible benefit of belonging to an electric cooperative, and you can count on CEC to offer fair pricing, value and satisfaction. 


What are Capital Credits?

Capital Credits represent your allocated share of the cooperative’s margins during the period of time in which you are a member of the cooperative. Each year’s margins are allocated to members based on the amount billed per member for electric purchases and the associated margin during that year. This allocation is credited to a Capital Credit account maintained for each member until the credits are retired (paid). Unlike electric utilities that generate margins (profits) on behalf of investors and shareholders, electric cooperatives return the margins earned by the electric cooperative to their members. Each year, any margins earned by CEC are reinvested in the cooperative. At the same time, the value of the margin is proportionally allocated (based on electric purchases during the year) to Capital Credit accounts maintained for each of our current members. It is important that members keep an active mailing address on file with CEC if they move, so the Capital Credits can be returned to those past members. 


When You’ll Receive Your Capital Credit

Capital Credits are retired (paid) at the discretion of the CEC Board of Directors. However, for CEC members this has occurred in April the past few years as a credit on their electric bill. Checks are mailed to past members who have moved and left us a forwarding address. 

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