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Electric Education

Employees giving safety education to students

Central Electric Cooperative understands the importance of teaching electrical safety. Our hope is to demonstrate to everyone electrical dangers you might be exposed to and how to stay safe. We offer a variety of FREE, safety demontrations for youth and adults. 


Electrical Safety Programs


Safety City Demonstration

Our Safety City Demonstration is a presentation designed for elementary students. It is approximately 40 minutes long and teaches students about the potential dangers of electricity. It can be brought to any organization, event, or school to teach students how to avoid everyday dangerous electrical situations. 


High- Voltage Demonstration

Our live High-Voltage Demonstration is designed for any age group. It is approximately 30 minutes long and takes place at our headquarters in Parker. Our lineman use a kite string, tree branch and piece of sausage (just to name a few) to demonstrate the dangers of coming into contact with electric lines. 


First Responders Training 

Our First Responders Electrical Hazards Training is designed for firefighters, police, EMTs, and township officals. It is approximately 120 minutes long and takes place once a year at our headquarters in Parker. A video verison can also be brought to any organization. We understand that First Responders face a great danger of electrical contact in their day to day work. This training provides necessary knowledge to work safely in emergencies involving electric utility lines. This training is designed to supplement, not replace, an organizations standard operating procedures.  


Career Day Programs

Our Career Day program is a great way for kids of all ages to learn a lineman's daily job duties. This hands-on presentations allows students to see many of the tools and safety equipment used. Weather permitting students will also have the chance to see a bucket truck up close and watch a lineman climb a pole. 


If you are interested in any of these programs and would like more information, please contact us at 800-521-0570.

Educational Programs brochure


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