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Energy Assistance Programs


COVID-19 Hardship Grant

As of April 15, 2020 a one-time grant is available to CEC members in need who reside full-time in a home served by CEC. Members who qualify will receive a credit (up to $500) on their electric bill, calculated by adding the last two electric bills and applying a credit for the total up to $500. 


  • Member must be, or have been, adversely affected due to COVID-19. 
  • Must be a CEC member of two or more years. 
  • The CEC electric account must have been in a current status at least once in the past two years. 
  • There has to have been a payment made to the account within the past two months, prior to application. 
  • Must pay a co-pay of half of the account’s average electric bill prior to receiving the grant. For example, if the average bill for the account in question is $100 the member will be required to pay a $50 co-pay. 
  • The account cannot have been disconnected for non-payment in the past 12 months. 
  • There cannot be any record of electric service theft or meter tampering at the service location while in the current member’s name. 
  • Any previous payment arrangements made for the account must have been satisfied as discussed. 

If some (or all) of the above qualifications are not met and you are able to provide documentation of extenuating circumstances, CEC reserves the right to forgo any or all of the predetermined qualifications for grant approval. 
Click here to complete the application for the COVID-19 Hardship Grant. 

Or click here for a printable application form that can be mailed to: Central Electric Cooperative, Attn: COVID-19 Hardship Grant, P.O. Box 329, Parker PA 16049. 


There are several programs available for members who are having difficulty paying their electric bills including Family Fund and LIHEAP.

Click here to view the Energy Assistance Brochure


Family Fund

Family Fund assists needy families or individuals who have their permanent residence on Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) lines. Funds are raised through contributions from members and employees. Each fund is administered by different agencies. You must apply to each individual fund listed below:

  • Allegheny County – Department of Human Services: 412-350-3911
  • Armstrong County – Community Action Office: 724-548-3408
  • Butler County – The Salvation Army: 724-287-5532
  • Clarion County – Charitable Deeds: 814-797-0286
  • Forest County – Information & Referral Service: 814-927-8266
  • Venango County – Community Support Services (CSS): 814-432-9763


Changes to Family Fund!

CEC has recently made changes to its Family Fund energy assistance program that positively affects those in financial need. Members who already are qualified to receive energy assistance from their respective county agency can now access up to $600 per calendar year from the Family Fund and will not have to make a copayment. Income verification must be verified by one of two ways:

  1. The member must have received LIHEAP monies on their CEC bill in the same heating season.
  2. If the member’s LIHEAP monies has gone to another utility then a copy of the qualifying letter from the agency must be sent to CEC.

Family Funds are derived from unclaimed property and donations and not from rate or cooperative revenue. Members are urged to contact our office at 800-521-0570 if they have any further questions. Act now to take advantage of this limited opportunity.



Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP is a federal program administered by the State Department of Public Welfare and assists low-income families with their heating bills. LIHEAP is a grant and you do not have to be on public assistance to qualify.

LIHEAP programs become available beginning Nov. 2, 2020. To learn more about LIHEAP or apply call 866-857-7095 or click here. You may also contact your county assistance office at the phone number below. 

  • Allegheny County – 877-395-8930
  • Armstrong County – 800-424-5235
  • Butler County – 866-256-0093
  • Clarion County – 800-253-3488
  • Forest County – 800-876-0645
  • Mercer County – 800-747-8405
  • Venango County – 877-409-2421


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