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June Energy Tips: Peak Alerts

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Your electric cooperative works to offer safe, reliable electricity at a reasonable cost to member-owners. The cooperative has unique programs in place to be sure we can offer affordable and stable rates to our members. Our Peak Alert program encourages all members to reduce electric consumption during peak demand periods, which helps us all save.

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Peak Alerts

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) asks members to be alert for Peak Alerts in summer months. Our Peak Alert program has been established to help the cooperative maintain affordable, stable rates for members.

With the help of our power supplier, Allegheny Electric Cooperative, and state-wide organization, Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association (PREA), we are able to alert members of forecasted peak demand periods. When we send out a Peak Alert, we are asking you to reduce electric consumption so we can purchase less power when it costs the most to buy.

When can you expect a Peak Alert?

Peak demand hours take place on certain days in the months of June through September between 1 and 6 p.m .

What is a peak?

Electricity is produced for immediate use; it cannot be stored economically. Because of this, power plants must meet electricity requirements at all times. Peak demand refers to those periods when electric consumers collectively use the most electricity. Generally, electricity prices are higher during demand peaks.

For example, during a hot, humid summer day at 3 p.m. you may be running your home's A/C unit, a dehumidifier in the basement, doing a load of laundry, and your swimming pool pump may kick on. This is likely a peak demand period for your home that day and as many members do the same, the cooperative will likely see a demand peak across the entire system.

Why does your cooperative ask you to reduce energy consumption during peaks?

As a result of electric competition in Pennsylvania, the price an electric cooperative consumer must pay for electricity is partially based on how much electricity the cooperative requires between 1 and 6 p.m. on the five hottest, most humid days each summer. Reducing the amount of power the cooperative uses on those days, as well as during other times throughout the year, can stabilize electric costs.

How can you reduce during a peak?

  • Program your thermostat to an energy-efficient summer setting of 78 degrees.
  • Postpone the use of dehumidifiers.
  • Schedule swimming pool pumps to run off-peak.
  • Avoid doing laundry, running the dishwasher, and using other major appliances.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights.
  • Cook dinner on the grill or use counter top appliances, like a Crock-Pot, rather than the oven.

How do we notify you of Peak Alerts?

The cooperative notifies members of a Peak Alert on local radio stations, by email, and our website.

Listen for Peak Alerts on Forever Broadcasting radio stations: Froggy 98.5 FM, Majic 99.3 FM, and WUZZ 107.7 FM


If you would like to help by receiving email notifications of Peak Alerts, click the link below to sign-up.

Sign Up For Peak Alerts Here

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