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Load Management Program

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Central Electric Cooperative offers two different load control programs: managing solely the electric water heater or controlling electric heating systems.

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Electric Water Heaters

We will install (free of charge) a demand response unit (DRU) on your electric water heater. Members immediately receive a $50 sign-up bill credit and a $2.50 bill credit each month they participate in load management. Neither credit is available to members who purchase a water heater from the cooperative. The DRU interrupts power to the tank during peak energy demand times. Load management helps stabilize future power costs to the cooperative and reduces power plant emissions for a cleaner environment.

Participants must remain in the load management program for a minimum of two years.

Forty-gallon tanks with more than one person in the home, mobile homes (home has an axle and can be transported), seasonal accounts, and tanks installed by the cooperative are not eligible.

For more information, contact Caitlin Reed at 800-521-0570 x2195.


Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems (electric baseboard, furnace, boiler or heat pump) under load management receive a 40 percent reduced rate for the energy they use on a second meter. Members must do the following steps to participate in load management with an electric heating system:

  • Use electric heat as your primary heating source.
  • Install a second distribution panel and service entrance for separate metering.
  • Allow heating/cooling system and electric water heater to be interrupted during peaks (electric clothes dryer is optional).
  • Have an adequate back-up heating system (thermal electric storage is recommended).


Control Periods Weekdays only

  • Winter: Typically morning or evening control (may occur twice a day)
  • Summer: Typically between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.


Control hours may be extended as needed. Cooperative can control up to 12 hours in a 24-hour period. No weekends or major holiday interruptions.


  • Back-up Heating System: Member can NOT participate in Load Management for electric heat unless they have an adequate back-up heating system in place. 


To receive a special load management meter socket for two meters, click on the following link to fill out and submit the Load Management Agreement Form. You can also print the form and mail it to: Ken Maleski, P.O. Box 329, Parker, PA 16049

Members currently participating in Load Management can receive a load control alert via email by emailing

Contact us at 1-800-521-0570 x2133 for more information and to start saving today!

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