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Save $ On Your Bill

Our Home Efficiency Analysis Tool provides members with simple ways they can save energy throughout the home by either contacting a professional or printing easy Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.


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Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) offers two different load control programs: managing solely the electric water heater or controlling electric heating systems. Either program can help you save money. Click here to learn more about these programs.


Energy Saving Tips



Shopping For Appliances?

Members purchasing new appliances should look for the Energy Star label which assures you the product is between 10 to 15 percent more efficient than similar models. CEC offers rebates on Energy Star appliances. Click here to learn more.


Major Energy Leaks

The average home loses $150 a year to energy leaks, according to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Here are a few top places to check for energy loss in your home:

  • Attic Insulation (R-38 recommended for CEC’s service area)
  • Attic Door (weather-strips or hatch-bag covers)
  • Band Joist (interface where basement wall meets the home’s frame – caulk or foam)
  • Ductwork (especially in unheated spaces-use mastic paste or foil-back tape)
  • Windows & Doors (weather-stripping or plastic film sheets)
  • Fireplaces (close dampers when not in use)
  • Exterior Wall Penetrations (caulk up to ¼ inch cracks; foam larger voids)
  • Flue or Chimney Shaft (use metal flashing and fire-rated caulking)
  • Wall Socket Outlets & Switches (foam-back covers found at most big box stores)

Pick a windy day and walk around inside your home near the above-mentioned areas. Drafty areas are easy to notice. Energy experts use incense sticks for problem detection. The trick is to see if the stick’s smoke travels in a vertical direction. If it does not, (travels horizontally), you have a leak. Sealing these areas will not only save money, but increase comfort!




"Many people ask me, “What is the best way to save on my electric bill without spending a lot of money?” Start with lighting. ENERGY STAR qualified light emitting Diode (LED) bulbs provide high-quality light output, use less energy and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs, saving money on energy bills and replacement costs.

Replacing your five most frequently used light fixtures with ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs can save $30 to $80 a year in energy costs. The additional upfront bulb cost is quickly recovered. And it is something you can do yourself.

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