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Water Heater Program

CEC’s Water Heater Program offers complete peace of mind for all your hot water needs! 

Why go through all the hassles of installing a water heater when we can do it for you! Residential members can purchase a Marathon Water Heater for only $670 (a $1,266 retail value).

The tank must be installed through our professional contractor, Dr. Waterheater, Inc. and you must participate in our Load Management Program for a minimum of five years. This innovative program helps CEC avoid purchasing power when it’s the most expensive, thus stabilizing costs for all members.

This water heater has a high-efficiency design with a lightweight tank that won’t corrode. The unique construction of the plastic tank means a stronger, higher quality and longer lasting product. The titanium lower and copper upper elements resist lime buildup and operate more efficiently. These features, along with the outstanding lifetime warranty against leaks, make it one of the best electric water heaters in the industry!






The Tank

  • Marathon heavy duty 75-gallon water heater.
  • 62 inches high by 28 inches wide.
  • Empty weight: 122 pounds.
  • Full weight: 745 pounds.
  • Energy Factor: 92 percent efficient.
  • Lifetime warranty on leaks.
  • Six year warranty on parts.
  • One year warranty on labor.




2019 MHD75245 Water Heater Manual and Warranty


The Program

  • Member purchases tank with standard installation for a total of $670.
  • Any work or material outside of standard installation is strictly between the member and Dr. Waterheater, Inc.
  • Only residential rate class members are eligible (excludes mobile homes).
  • Must agree to join our load management program for a minimum of five years.
  • Must accept installation by our contractor.
  • There is not a $2.50 monthly load management credit under this program.
  • Members currently receiving a $2.50 monthly load management credit will cease receiving it upon water heater installation.



Load Management Program

  • CEC installs a Demand Response Unit (DRU) on all tanks. 
  • DRU interrupts element operation for a few hours during high energy demand periods. 
  • Large tank volume and efficient construction design keeps water hot for hours. 
  • Load Management helps stablize future power costs for all members. 



Standard Installation

  • Delivery and installation of 75-gallon electric water heater.
  • Hot and cold water copper fittings and no more than five feet total of water line for both connections from the tank to existing residential plumbing lines.
  • Shut off valve on inlet water line.
  • Three-quarters inch copper relief line to within six inches of finished floor.
  • Electrical connection to the water heater.
  • Installation of load management device.
  • Old water heater removal and disposal. 


To place an order for water heater installation, call 800-521-0570 today!


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