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April Energy Tips: The Cost of a New Appliance

Buying new appliances can go a couple of ways. It can be exciting to pick them out and decide which new bells and whistles you would like to have. It can also come after the failure of your current appliances and be forced upon you.

CEC Continues to Improve System Reliability

As part of Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC's) ongoing effort to improve system reliability, contracted pole inspection crews will be inspecting poles on circuits originating from Starr substation in Forest County, and Lucinda and Wolf's Corners substations in Clarion County. Pole inspections may occur out of the Beaver substation in Clarion County if funding permits. 

March 2019 Energy Tips: Water Heaters

What is one of the hardest working, yet hidden, members of your household appliance team? Stoves and refrigerators receive your appreciation many times per day; but when was the last time you thought about the daily dedication of your water heater? The “Rodney Dangerfield

February Energy Tips: Replacing Your HVAC Equipment

At this time of year we think a lot about our heating systems. Maybe things are going really well, or perhaps the very cold end to January has you considering your options.

January Energy Tips: Using Electric Space Heaters

As we head into the new year, we can be thankful for warmer temperatures than what we experienced last year. Nonetheless, heating season is still in full swing and we are trying to stay warm.

December Energy Tips

While cold temperatures mean higher heating bills, don’t forget some easy steps to make your home more energy and cost effective this winter.

And, as you shop for the holidays, why not consider some energy efficient gifts. Save your loved ones money all year long when you gift them items that will use less energy.

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Life of a Lineman: The Unsung Hero

Although CEC did not create this video the information is true. During this period of long term outages, please know that CEC's dedicated linemen are working in this cold, wet, snowy weather around the clock to restore your power. 




Understanding Power Outages

While CEC does everything it can to reduce the possibility of outages to your home or business, they do occur. There are a variety of reasons power outages can occur, including severe storms causing mass destruction, tree limbs coming into contact with power lines, vehicles crashing into utility poles, and animals such as squirrels causing short circuits while climbing electrical equipment.

Staying Safe and Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Last week's winter storm brought ice, snow, and power outages. 

Here are some tips on how to stay warm during a winter power outage: 

The Outage Restoration Process

When you call CEC to report an outage, your outage information and any damage you report is entered into our outage management system. This information is reviewed and summarized along with information from other members who've reported outages. This helps us to map and pinpoint the trouble areas and efficiently dispatch repair crews.


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