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Staying Safe and Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Last week's winter storm brought ice, snow, and power outages. 

Here are some tips on how to stay warm during a winter power outage: 

The Outage Restoration Process

When you call CEC to report an outage, your outage information and any damage you report is entered into our outage management system. This information is reviewed and summarized along with information from other members who've reported outages. This helps us to map and pinpoint the trouble areas and efficiently dispatch repair crews.

November Energy Tips

According to Energy Star, 9 out of 10 homes in the U.S. are under-insulated. Sealing air leaks around your home and adding insulation can help you be more comfortable and can save up to 11 percent on your home’s energy bills. A current promotion by Energy Star, Rule Your Attic, will offer some insight into what our homes should have and how to make improvements.

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New Phone Scam Targeting Members

Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) is warning members of a phone scam that is targeting its members. Scammers are calling members stating that a service order has been issued to disconnect their electric service.

CEC will not call and demand immediate payment over the phone via a debit or credit card. Service termination is always initiated with an electric bill statement, followed by a written letter. If you are unsure that the caller is associated with your co-op, hang up and immediately call the office at 1-800-521-0570.

CEC Continues to Improve System Reliability: Substation Pole Inspection

As part of Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC's) ongoing effort to improve system reliability, contracted pole inspection crews will be inspecting poles on circuits originating from Nectarine, Mineral, and Sandy Creek substations in Venango County. Pole inspections will occur out of the Starr substation (German Hill area) in Forest County if funding permits. 


It's Time to Upgrade to the Latest Version of your Web Browser

As cyber threats can happen anytime, we want to ensure SmartHub is as secure as possible. To do that, we've increased our encryption security for our SmartHub web and mobile solution.

CEC Continues Line Clearing to Improve System Reliability

Trees are the number one cause of power outages and service interruptions. As part of Central Electric Cooperative's (CEC's) ongoing effort to improve system reliability, contracted line clearing crews are working on circuits originating from Prospect, Coaltown and Fredericksburg substations in Butler and parts of Armstrong Counties. 

CEC will be utilizing a variety of contractors in 2018 which include Hazlett Tree Company, Asplundh Tree Expert Company and Davey Tree Service. 

Ken's E-Tip: Fresh Air Year-Round

As winter approaches, energy consciences members will be sealing up their homes to make them air-tight. Stale air and a buildup of pollutants are common problems associated with super insulated houses.
Poor indoor air quality symptoms include irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. The answer to the problem is simply bringing in fresh air. To do this properly, fresh air must replace stagnate air at the same volume level. The fresh air will also dilute pollutants inside our homes such as molds, allergens and cooking odors.


Ken's E-Tip: Attic Insulation

If a person can only insulate one area, this would be the place to spend your money. Heat naturally rises and the attic insulation will do more to keep it in your home longer for you to enjoy. There are three basic types of attic insulation you can use in you home: 

Ken's E-Tip: Getting the Temperature Just Right

Everyone's schedules seem hectic these days. Remembering to lower or raise the thermostat is just one more job we don't need. Why not install a programmable or even a smart thermostat to change your home's temperature so you don't have to. This can reduce energy bills by up to 10 percent or about $180 on heating and cooling bills.



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