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CEC's Stewart Promoted

Photo of Brice Stewart

PARKER, Pa. May 1, 2017 - Brice Stewart of Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) has been promoted to chief lineman.

Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Save Water, Save Energy

Saving water will save energy. Using water inappropriately will waste energy and resources. Here are some ways to be on guard against wasting water.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Dehumidifier Care

April showers bring May flowers. They also bring moisture and humidity levels that you did not have to deal with all winter. Now is the time to pull out that dehumidifier and get it ready for a heavy work load.


Cleaning a Dehumidifier

Detach and clean the water reservoir collection bucket with a soft, damp cloth.

Check the water drain tube for any blockages such as algae buildup or dirt.

Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Planting Trees to Save Energy

Springtime has everyone wanting to get outdoors and plant things. Planting the right tree in the right place is one way to save energy. The right tree can provide wind protection, shade and cool air, while adding beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat to your landscape.

The right tree in the right place also means to pick and plant the right tree so as to minimize conflicts with power lines. Many power outages are caused by trees contacting electric lines. 


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Water Heater Savings

An electric water heater  is second only to space heating and cooling in monthly energy use. A heat pump water heater can reduce water heating costs by half. If you're not ready for making a large water heater investment, over $1,000 just for the tank, here are some ways to save money with your current water heater:


Take Short Showers Instead of Baths

Savings depends on your family's bathing habits. A long, hot shower may use a lot more hot water than a bath where the tub isn't filled to the brim.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Refrigerator Savings

Refrigerators use energy whether members are sleeping, away for work, on vacation or watching television. And most homes have more than one. Here are some helpful maintenance tips to save some cash:


CEC's Evankovich Promoted

John Evankovich of Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) has been promoted to manager of operations.


"John is well prepared to step into the manager of operations' role, having more than 34 years of experience in various positions within the operations area of CEC," states Assistant General Manager/COO Fred Terwilliger.


Ken's Weekly E-Tip: Federal Energy Tax Credits

The April 15 tax dead line is quickly approaching. Congress has extended some energy tax credits for home  improvements completed up to Dec. 31, 2016. This will be everyone's last chance to take advantage of them. Credit refunds fall into three categories:

  • 10 percent of material costs up to a $500 refund.
  • Specific dollar refund amount.
  • Renewable Energy Systems.

Improvements must be made to an existing home or principal residence between Jan.1, 2011 and Dec. 31, 2016. New construction or rentals do not qualify.


The Great Wind Storm of March 8 & 9

Tree roots were already saturated from heavy rains earlier in the week when a 12-hour wind storm swept across Central Electric Cooperative’s (CEC's) seven-county area of Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Forest, Mercer and Venango counties March 8 and 9.

CEC Announces Scholarships

Central Electric Cooperative of Parker is excited to announce its 11th year of offering our Good Neighbor Scholarship program. Eligible candidates include adult members wishing to further their education, as well as currently enrolled college or trade school students and high school seniors. Ten scholarships of $2,000.00 each will be awarded in early May 2017. 


Eligibility requirements are as follows: 


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