2021 Member Photo Contest
Thursday | April 1, 2021

CEC members are invited to submit their best photo for our 2021 Photo Contest. The subject of the photo can be beautiful scenery, landscapes, power line equipment, or anything!

CEC will award prizes for the top three winners: a $100 bill credit for first place, a $50 bill credit for second place, and a $25 bill credit for third place. Submit your best photo for a chance to win! You must submit your photo before June 11. 

Members will vote for the top five photos from June 18 to July 30 on CEC's website. Then voting for the top three photos is from Aug. 6 to Oct. 15. For voting for the three winning photos, you can vote through CEC’s website or you will have the opportunity to vote using a ballot in the September issue of Power Lines -- CEC's newsletter. 

Winning photos will appear on CEC’s website and in future publications CEC's newsletter. Winners will be announced in late October.

Click here to learn more about the contest or to enter. 


2020 Photo Contest First Place Winner

Monarchs on Marigolds, taken by Kate Stover of Valenica