Capital Credits

Capital Credits are a valuable benefit for members of electric cooperatives.

Over the years, Central Electric Cooperative (CEC) has returned millions of dollars in capital credit payments to both current and past cooperative member-owners. Unfortunately, we can’t always find everyone who has earned a capital credit.

Enter the first three letters of your last name (or first name) in the search box to the right, to search for any un-cashed – a.k.a. unclaimed – capital credit checks. If you find your name listed, please contact CEC at 800-521-0570.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your previous service address(es).

  • The approximate dates you were at the previous address(es).

  • Your social security number.

If you have found the names of your living family or friends, they must contact us directly at the number listed above. If you have found the names of deceased family or friends, their estate representative must contact us directly.

capital credits

Capital Credits reflect each member’s ownership in the cooperative. Any margins or revenues related to the sale of electric service remaining after all expenses have been paid are returned to the cooperative’s members in proportion to their electrical use.

Retiring or paying back Capital Credits is a two-step process:

Step 1: Allocation

An allocation determines your share of the cooperative’s margin in a particular year. Allocations are based on the member’s proportion of electric use for that year.This is referred to as your Capital Credit allocation.


Step 2: Retirement

Once Capital Credits are allocated, they are retained by the co-op for up to 25 years, which is the rotation period. They are retained because Capital Credits are the most significant source of equity for the cooperative. Equity is used to help meet the expenses of the co-op, such as paying for new equipment. Capital Credits help keep rates at an affordable level by reducing the amount of funds that must be borrowed to grow and maintain CEC’s existing electric system.

Upon completion of the rotation period, the Board of Directors reviews the cooperative’s financial health and can declare a retirement (your cash back payment), whereby a portion of your Capital Credits are returned to you.


CEC seeks out former member who are due Capital Credits, even if they are no longer on our system. If the member does not claim them and the Capital Credits remain unclaimed for 3 years or more, they are transferred to a fund for charitable and educational purposes. These include, but are not limited to, scholarships, sponsoring the Youth Tour to Washington D.C., and various community donations.


CEC’s Board of Directors will allow the Capital Credits to be retired early or paid back to the legal representative(s) of your family member’s estate. In order to claim them, an affidavit is required to be completed, notarized, and returned in addition to a copy of the death certificate and personal representative appointment documentation, if one was appointed.

Capital Credits that are claimed early due to the death of a family member are returned at a discounted rate.

If you have other Capital Credit questions, please call 800-521-0570.