First Responders Electrical Hazards Training

CEC understands the importance of teaching electrical safety. The goal of the First Responders Electrical Hazards Training is to help first responders work safely in emergencies where electric utility lines are involved. Firefighters, police, EMTs and others, who are typically first on the scene in an emergency, face the greatest risk from electrical contacts and fires. Understanding the potential dangers and learning how to deal with them correctly makes everyone safer.

  • The training will include a hotline demonstration and an EMS Electrical Safety presentation. In addition to a wealth of knowledge, attendees will receive light refreshments and informational materials. All materials and information provided are designed to supplement, not replace, your organization’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).  

This year's First Responders Electrical Hazards Training will be held on April 27, 2023, at CEC's headquarters in Parker. Please click here or call our office at 800-521-0570 to reserve your spot.

We are also able to bring this training to your event or organization. To request a training, call 800-521-0570 or complete the form below. 

image of lineman

Together, we can save lives and prevent potentially hazardous electric-related situations.