Surge Protection

Central Electric Cooperative sells and installs the Brooks Utility Products meter socket surge arrestor (MBSA-4J-180).

The device guards electro-mechanical appliances from damaging voltage disturbances such as lightning and other problems that can occur on an electrical distribution system.

Items covered are refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dish washers, electric ranges, HVAC units, sump pumps, and other such mechanical or motor driven appliances. 

Our surge protector comes with a fifteen-year product replacement warranty that provides members with a new protector after a surge occurs, as well as down-line appliance repair or replacement insurance from Brooks Utility Products.

Product Description and Price 

SurgeGuard® Meter Base Surge Arrestor by Brooks Utility Products

Meter Socket Adapter (MSA) Model MBSA-4J-180


* Price includes tax and installation by Central Electric Cooperative. 

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Sensitive electronic equipment with microprocessors such as computers, televisions, telephone systems, medical equipment, etc. that have other avenues (phone or coaxial cables) for surge access to equipment are not protected by the MBSA-4J-180. Central Electric Cooperative recommends that members purchase quality plug-in protectors that been tested to UL14-49 standards.

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Brooks Surge Protector