Generlink Transfer Switch

With a GenerLink Transfer Switch, our members can now operate an emergency generator safely, protecting linemen from dangerous back feeds. The cooperative installs the transfer switch neatly into your meter socket.

GenerLink provides a pathway for power to flow from the generator to a home’s breaker panel. GenerLink eliminates involving an electrician, cutting into your homes electrical system and electrical inspector fees.

  • The GenerLink Transfer Switch comes in two different sizes, 30 and 40 amp models. The size of your generator will dictate the size of the GenerLink model required.
  • For an additional cost, you can also opt to have built-in surge protection for hard-wired appliances not protected by power strips. 
  • Units come with a 20-foot cord to connect your generator to the meter socket transfer switch. 40-foot cords are available for an additional cost. 
  • Units have indicator lights to alert the user of capacity, utility power, generator power, and abnormal conditions. 
  • GenerLink is designed for use with a portable generator that is connected temporarily to a home and provides a maximum continuous power output of less than 12,000 watts (40 amps). 
  • GenerLink will not work with an electric service that is rated more than 200 amps. 

30-amp GenerLink:  $689.20

40-amp GenerLink:  $800.50

*Price includes tax and installation costs. 

*Surge protection and additional cord lengths are available for an additional cost. Call for details.

Generlink Breakdown