Heat Pump Rebates Now Available
Friday | July 1, 2022

Members installing new qualifying heat pumps are now eligible for a mail-in rebate. When you select an Energy Star rated heat pump, you can be sure it will save you energy and money. 

Heat pumps are an excellent energy-efficient option for heating and even cooling your home. Rather than burning fuel to create heat, heat pumps transfer heat from the air or the ground. This process makes them highly efficient systems and because they are available as ducted air-source, ductless mini-splits, and ground source systems -- plus heat pumps can work in all kinds of situations. Learn more about heat pumps from Energy Star by clicking here.   

Heat pump technology is also available for water heating. Heat pump water heaters can offer significant savings compared to a standard electric water heater. Learn more from Energy Star and search for available options by clicking here

If you have installed or are considering a heat pump system or heat pump water heater, visit our rebate page

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