Outdoor Electrical Safety

Safety extends beyond the electricity you use in your home. Anything involving trees, planting, or digging can be dangerous as well. Be mindful of the following electrical safety information when out in your yard.

Trees and Landscaping

Trees are CEC's number one cause of power outages. Branches too close to electrical equipment can also cause fires and other dangers. We work to prevent those hazards through an active tree-care program. CEC contracts a number of area tree crews to safely remove overgrown vegetation, working through our service area on a 7 year rotation. Trimming trees near electrical equipment is dangerous — it’s never a do-it-yourself job. Electricity can jump from the lines to your body, your tools, or nearby branches, causing injury or even death.

If you see trees growing near our lines or facilities, call us at 800-521-0570, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. A service order will be issued, and CEC's forester will take a look at the situation and send a tree crew to safely clear the vegetation, if needed. 

Important: Do not allow trees, bushes, or plants of any size to grow directly under electric lines.


Digging & Construction

SAFE DIGGING IS NO ACCIDENT! PA811 is a nonprofit for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that coordinates the marking of any underground utilities. If you plan to disturb the earth with powered equipment, you are required by Pennsylvania law to notify the underground utility companies of your intent to do so. Dial 8-1-1, it’s important to know what’s below!

  • You are liable for damages to CEC facilities and all the liability the cooperative incurs as a result of any contact.
  • Be aware of the power lines and service drops on and around your job site, especially if you’re using long tools (such as rakes and ladders) or operating heavy equipment.
  • Raised ladders, tools, dump truck beds, backhoe boom arms, and front-end loader scoops can reach energized power lines and conduct electricity causing serious injury, and even electrocution. Be aware of your surroundings. 
  • If you plan to dig, CALL 811!