Pool & Spa Efficiency

Swimming pools are great for cooling off on a hot day. However, the price of maintaining a pool can be higher than the summer temperatures. We recommend the following tips to keep your pool as efficient as possible. 

  • Use the smallest pump possible. Run it after you add chemicals, and then turn it off. Rely on chemicals, cleaning, and pool covers to keep the pool clear of algae and debris, not constant pumping. If debris is still a problem, put the pump on a timer and run it for brief periods of time throughout the day.
  • A pool cover can save 50 to 70 percent of the costs of heating a pool, according to EnergySavers.gov. Pool covers conserve water, and they also reduce debris and the chemicals that pools need. Although covers reduce heat lost through evaporation, they also decrease the sun’s ability to warm pool water. A transparent or bubble cover allows the sun to heat the water better. Your pool heating needs should be a consideration in your choice and use of pool covers.

If you choose to heat your pool, know your heating options and pick the heater that best suits your needs.

graphic of swimming