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November 2020 Power Lines

November 2020: Don't Blink, Where Your Power Comes From, In Memory of Bette Walters, Election Day Safety, 83rd CEC Annual Meeting, Pumpkin Dip Recipe.

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November Power Lines

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October 2020 Power Lines

October 2020: Clearing the Lines, Powering Through: Generators, Member Survey Reminder, Halloween Safety for Motorists, Make a Difference: Join ACRE, Cream of Butternut Squash & Leek Soup Recipe.

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October Power Lines

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September 2020 Power Lines

September 2020: Our Greatest Ability, Electricity Basics, Co-ops Vote, Photo Contest Voting, Win Free Electricity for a Year or a Visa Gift Card: 2020 Member Survey, Emergency Services, Chili Con Queso Bites Recipe.

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September Power Lines

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August 2020 Power Lines

August 2020 -- 2019 Annual Report: CEC is Focused on Better Serving You -- Executive Report, 2019 Year-End Financial Review Charts, Meet Your Board of Directors, 2019 Statements of Income and Comprehensive Income, 2019 Balance Sheets.

2019 Annual Report


August Power Lines

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July 2020 Power Lines

July 2020: Annual Meeting in a Time of Pandemic, Room Air Conditioners, Ultraviolet Rays Safety, 2020 Annual Meeting Notice, Submit a Question for the Annual Meeting, Nominees for Election to the Board of Directors, Baked Pineapple Recipe.

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July Power Lines

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June 2020 Power Lines

June 2020: Safety in a Time of Pandemic, Why is the Power Out?, 2020 Scholarship Recipients, Proper Hand Washing, CEC Annual Meeting, Tellers Request, Bar-B-Que Meatballs Recipe. This issue of Power Lines was written prior to May 7, 2020.

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June Power Lines

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May 2020 Power Lines

May 2020: Forward Together, National Weather Service Alerts, Surge Protection, Local Teens Selected for Youth Tour, Outage Notifications, Cole Slaw Recipe. This issue of Power Lines was written prior to April 1, 2020.

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May Power Lines

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April 2020 Power Lines

April 2020: Cooperative Culture, #ThankALineworker on April 13, Electric Water Heater Alternatives, Flooding Can Cause Electrical Danger, PREA Scholarship, 2020 Photo Contest, Beer Cashew Chili Recipe.

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April Power Lines

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March 2020 Power Lines

March 2020: Safety Presentation Season, Annual Pole Inspection, Usage Comparison on Your Bill, 2019 Coloring Contest Winners, First Responders Training, Line Clearing to Improve System Reliability, Safety City Presentation, USX Credit Union, Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe.

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March Power Lines

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February 2020 Power Lines

February 2020: Many Voices -- One Cooperative, Energy Efficient Televisions, Power Line Myths Debunked, What Can You Do With $1 Worth of Electricity?, Are You Interested in a CEC Director's Seat?, Crazy Cake with Penuche Icing Recipe.

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February Power Lines

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January 2020 Power Lines

January 2020: Only as Needed, Cheap Electronic Chargers Spell Trouble, Home Electrical Inspection, 2020 Good Neighbor Scholarship Program, Water Heater Efficiency, Beef & Macaroni Lasagna Recipe.

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January Power Lines

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December 2019 Power Lines

December 2019: Reflection and Preparation, Winter Heating Mistakes to Avoid, Photo Contest Winners, High School Juniors: Want a Free, Week-Long Trip to Washington, D.C.?, Tips for Staying Safe this Holiday Season, Holiday Coloring Contest, Craisin-Walnut Coffee Cake with Greek Yogurt Recipe.

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