Electrical Safety Programs

Monday | February 26, 2024

CEC operates according to a set of principles that all electric cooperatives follow. One of the principles is “Concern for Community.” The co-op has many programs that work to better our community. Two of these programs, Safety City and First Responders Electrical Hazards Training, specifically focus on educating the community about electricity and the dangers associated with it.

Safety City explains how electricity works to third-and-forth-grade students by using a portable neighborhood equipped with buildings, homes, people, power lines and moving props. The tabletop unit allows our team of Safety City employees to teach schools, scout groups and other organizations about the benefits and dangers of electricity. Each scenario in the demonstration is something the students could see living in a rural area similar to CEC’s service territory. This presentation is a great way to supplement the students’ electricity lesson or unit.

Safety City
First Responders

CEC appreciates our local first responders and the selfless dedication they show to our communities. Our First Responders program focuses on educating our community’s emergency services personnel about the dangers they may encounter while on the job or volunteering. The presentation is accompanied by our Hot Line Demonstration, which uses real electrical equipment to show the hazards and operations of a high voltage electrical distribution system.

This year’s training will take place at CEC on Apr. 23 from 6 - 8 p.m. Please reserve your spot by Apr. 12.

We are also able to bring this training to your event or organization. To request an electrical hazards training, complete the form below. 


If you or your organization are interested in scheduling one of these no-cost demonstrations, please submit a form below for the respective program.